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major accomplishments

Founder of the Austin History Center in 1979.


Led the initial renovation of the 1933 Austin Central Library building for use by the Austin History Center.


Financial supporter of Austin History Center for acquiring valuable historical collections, specialized equipment, and other purposes.

Assumed ownership of Waterloo Press in 1989 for printing books and material about Austin history.


Leading collector and contributor of modern oral histories of noteworthy Austinites.


Sponsors of the annual Angelina Eberly Luncheon, a community celebration of Austin history.

Creator of the annual Katherine Drake Hart Award, recognizing a citizen who works to preserve our history.


Advocated for passage of 2012 and 2018 bond elections for the repair of Austin History Center and the neighboring John Henry Faulk Central Library building.


Playing a key role in advocating for expansion of the Austin History Center into the Faulk building to create a research and archival history campus for our future understanding of what came before.

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