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AHCA Board Approves Bold Vision for Austin’s History

After years of discussion on expanding into the John Henry Faulk Central Library building by the Austin History Center, the AHCA board took a huge step in this effort at its June 17, 2020 meeting. Jumping past the current work to bring the 1979 Faulk up to safety code and to repair the foundation of the 1933 Austin History Center building, the board approved new goals that set AHCA on a course to assist in the financing of a Master Plan merge the two buildings into a revamped state of the art Archival and Research Campus for all Austinites. Two key goals were approved including:

Initiate a funding effort, based on the January 2019 Gensler REIMAGINING THE FAULK vision project, to undertake a formal programmatic Master Plan for the 1933 and 1979 buildings in conjunction with the Austin Public Library and AHC staff, history related organizations and the community at large. With a goal to raise 50% of the necessary Austin History Central Campus Master Plan monies via a post-bond construction partnership with the City by 2021.

Based on the results of Austin History Central Campus Master Plan (2023), convene very select discussions on a community capital campaign (2025-27) to integrate the 1933 Austin History Center and the 1979 John Henry Faulk buildings into a state of the art archival research and museum campus to become the centerpiece of a new Downtown Historical Corridor in west downtown and be incorporated in the Downtown Way finding Plan

The ultimate goal would be to raise the necessary funds to redesign the interior of the AHC and Faulk, while maintaining their historic architectural features, into a museum, research campus for all citizens to digitally and visual interact with the vast and expanding collections, written record, and millions of images maintained at AHC  An informal target for the new campus would be 2032. The board approved these visionary goals, along with 17 others related to AHCA’s traditional programming and ongoing support of the AHC. 

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