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Sue Meller

Board Member

Sue was the long time Managing Director (40 years) of the Headliners Club in Downtown Austin. She left Headliners in 2021 and now works on numerous projects relating to nutrition and business. She was also the Managing Director of the Headliners Foundation, whose mission is to promote excellence in journalism.
Sue did not grow up in Texas but is the product of Lexington, MA where the Revolutionary War began in 1775. Growing up on the East Coast presented numerous opportunities to study and experience history. Sue received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas and an MBA from St. Edward's University (Distinguished Alumni).

Sue has served on numerous boards, including United Way, The Austin Project, Festival Institute at Round Top, Lance Armstrong Foundation, American Institute for Learning, Center for Public Policy and Political Studies, UT School of Human Ecology and the Austin Council on Foreign Affairs. Sue counts Sue McBee as one of her most important mentors and remembers many conversations about the early days of the Austin History Center.

Sue Meller
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