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This list reflects gifts received/committed, beyond membership dues in 2023, as of December 20, 2023.

Updates, differences, and opinions are welcome as we build and improve this list. 

Contact Daniel Ronan at

$10,000 and above

Kent Collins

Immediate Past President

Nominations Committee Chair

Amy Wong Mok

1st Vice President

Austin Silicon Project Co-Chair




J. Fotini Margos

Waterloo Press Committee Chair

Candace Volz

Exec. Comm. Member-At-Large

AHC-Faulk Expansion Chair



Jeffrey Dochen

Membership Events Co-Chair

Roxanne Evans


Austin Silicon Project Co-Chair

Ben Foster

Our Austin Sound Quad-Chair

Eberly Luncheon Fundraiser Co-Chair

Rosemary Morrow

Mark McCormick

Linda McCoy

Membership Events Co-Chair

Joe Pacheco

Investment Committee Chair



Susan Meller

Membership Committee Co-Chair

Charles Peveto


Eberly Luncheon Fundraiser Co-Chair

Daniel Ronan

Ruthann Rushing

Karen Sonleitner

Membership Committee Co-Chair

Barbara Spears-Corbett  



Carol Adams-Means

Mary Kahle

Oral History Committee Chair

Geoffrey Wool

Communications Chair



Martha Hartzog 

Mayor Ron Mullen

Strategic Planning Committee Chair

Mike Tolleson

Kathie Tovo 

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