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There's no better way to get to know the AHCA than by volunteering. Read about our committees and decide if there's one right for you. Learn more by emailing each committee's chairperson. 

Standing Committees (open to members)

Membership Committee - Chair: Jeffrey Dochen

This vital committee is the lifeblood of any non-profit organization. Be part of a select group of members who introduce AHCA to other Austinites, their circle of friends and invite them to join in the premier history organization to help identify, tell and preserve the rich and diverse histories, many untold, of our community.  


Contact Jeffrey Dochen at 


Oral History Committee - Chair:  Cynthia O’Keeffe

One of the largest committees of the association, this historic committee annually selects Austinites for oral documentation of their impact on our city, state and country. Committee Members actually conduct 75-120 minute oral interviews with the selectees. Normally 15-30 oral interviews are conducted annually between August and February and these are recorded via video and audio, transcribed and placed in the Austin History Center for posterity. Each selectee or their family also receives a bound booklet of their oral history. This committee is one of AHCA’s oldest committees. 


“Every time a older person dies, a library burns down”  Alex Haley

Contact Cynthia at 


AHC Campus Expansion - Chair: Candace Volz

With the opening of the new Central Library on Cesar Chavez Street, the 2 original library building located at 901 Guadalupe Street and 810 Guadalupe Street are being repurposed at a Archival and Research History Campus. Be part of the 10 year vision to make this happen, creating one of the most significant technological facilities in the nation for research on how Austin and Texas evolved into today. Hopefully, this new campus will open the 2032 timeframe. Currently, they are securing contributions for a new Master Plan for the interior of the two building to begin in 2023. 

Contact Candace Volz at 

Waterloo Press Committee - Chair: J. Fotini Margos

Since 1965, the Waterloo Press publishing entity has been bringing rich and diverse history books to the public. Acquired by AHCA in 1989, this committee offers the chance to see all phases of book, video and map publishing up close. This committee is taking a new look at how to bring untold and exciting stories to the public in the time of changing technologies for authors and book publishing. Join in the decision making process on titles to publish, process and the unveiling of new titles in the 2020’s and beyond. The products of Waterloo Press, found for purchase at our store on this website, are donated to the Austin History Center for posterity.

Contact J. Fotini Margos at   


Angelina Eberly Committee - Chair: Rita Kreisle

If you want to assist in one of the most historic and exciting events produced by AHCA each January or February, this is your committee. The principal fundraiser of the Association, this popular and sold out event each year is passing its 12th years of bringing back the story of Angelina Eberly’s efforts in 1842 along with ever changing programs of the little known events and people in Austin’s past. Become involved in securing sponsors, arranging details of a fundraiser, entertainment, location and more.  In 2021, due to the pandemic, the event will be virtual February 5th. 


Contact Rita Kreisle at 

Spotlight Events Committee - Chair: Linda McCoy

Want to experience historic places in Austin where most citizens never get to see?  This is your committee.  Spotlight events a locations like The Castle, Dirty’s, and Antone's have drawn large membership crowds, many new members. These events have entertainment, great local bites from our most historic restaurants. Currently, new Spotlights are being planned via Zoom on a Spotlight on the Mystery and Secrets of the Austin History Center. Several other are being planned in 2021.

Contact Linda McCoy at 


Strategic Planning Committee - Chair: Mayor Ron Mullen

Looking forward to the merging of Austin’s two original Central Libraries, this committee is seeking public input for a major Capital Campaign on the re-imagining of the interior of the 1933 Austin History Center and the 1979 John Henry Faulk building into a state-of-the art Archival & Research Campus. Meet some of the most notable Austinites.


Contact Lee Cooke at  


Marketing, PR & Social Media - Co-Chairs: Lori Duran/Dave Helfert

A committee which helps tell our stories, create awareness of general public and AHCA membership, you would be involved in press releases, posting on instagram, website and twitter along with contact to the local media.

Contact Lori Duran at 


Annual Meeting/Awards Committee - Chair: Charles Peveto

Each May AHCA conducts a report to the membership via a state of the association. This meeting includes highlights of the fiscal year, financial report, recognition or top member volunteers, announcement of the Katherine Hart Award winner and more. Sometime a Spotlight event with light fare, presentation of oral history selectees over the year and unique entertaining are included. This is always a fun committee to be a part of each year.  


Contact Charles Peveto at 

Communication Committee - Chair: Geoffrey Wool

If you have ever wanted to be a reporter, free lance writer, news hound or communication expert, join with the Editor of the AHCA periodic newsletter to report on the activities of this high energy organization, a premier history group in Central Texas. Get the story, write the story, secure pictures, etc. and help post on the website, social media sites of AHCA and update stories weekly.


Contact Geoffrey Wool at 


Nomination Committee-Chair-Charles Betts

This small committee usually has one or two opening from the general membership. Assist in identifying, interviewing and selecting membership candidates to recommend for leadership service on the Board of Directors of AHCA. Applicants are generally identified by November 1st each year follow by review of bios and interest in AHCA and history in general. Interviews could occur with top candidates in December and January and recommendation on open board slots made in the February or March timeframe. New board members are seated on June 1st each year, generally for a 3 year term.


Contact Charles Betts at  


Finance Committee- Chair: Joe Pacheco

This committee oversees the fiscal health of the organization, recommends policy on financial matters including audit selection, endowment enhancement, fiscal policy including internal controls, monthly reporting to Board of Directors and other matters related to banking, etc. Generally, two slots are open to the general membership each year.

Contact AHCA Treasurer Joe Pacheco at

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