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Voces Oral history

The Austin History Center Association and the Voces Oral History Center at the University of Texas at Austin Moody College of Communication have partnered to provide more exposure to these oral histories.  

Voces Oral History Center is the leading Latino oral history archive in the United States. It began in 1999, with a mission of capturing untold stories of Latinos and Latinas who served, in the military or on the home front, during World War II.

Voces’ archive has expanded to include the Korean and Vietnam Wars, and Political and Civic Engagement, focusing on the continuing fight for Latino civil rights.

Voces’ goal is to continue to add collections to fill the gaps in the history of Latinos in America. To that end, Voces has served as a source of contacts, photographs, and information for hundreds of journalists, textbook publishers, and academics looking for interviews and photos for their projects. This includes the National World War II Museum in New Orleans; the StoryCorps Historias collection; the Golden Gate Bridge’s 75th Anniversary brochure; and PBS documentarians, both local and national.

Voces founder and director is Maggie Rivas-Rodriguez, a former professional journalist and currently professor at the Moody College of Communication’s School of Journalism. She founded the Voces project in 1999 and teaches oral history in her journalism and other classes. Maggie was recently awarded the 2019 Katherine Drake Hart Award from the Austin History Center Association.

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