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Waterloo Press is the non-profit publishing branch of the AHCA. It specializes in publishing books and other material that focuses on Austin history. Proceeds from sales go back into Waterloo Press to support new publishing projects. 

Waterloo Press

History of Waterloo press

Waterloo Press was created in the early 1960s by the non-profit Friends of the Austin Public Library (FAPL). Over the next 28 years, Waterloo Press would publish books, maps, posters, collector items, and post cards for sale. By late 1984, Waterloo Press had published its 8th book, Curtain Call: The History of Theatre in Austin.


After the Austin History Center Guild (later Association) formed in 1980, FAPL leadership considered transferring Waterloo Press to the AHCA; that transfer occurred in 1989. Since then, AHCA has published seven books and continues to seek authors who will bring to life the little-known but important events and people who profoundly affected what Austin and Travis County have become in the 21st Century.

Recent history

In the past decade, Waterloo Press has published:

  • The Republic of Texas by Jeffrey Kerr (2010)

  • Austin Faces of Philanthropy by Robert Godwin (2013)

  • Indelible Austin: Selected Histories, Vol. 1, by Michael Barnes (2015), Vol. 2 (2018 and Vol. 3 (2019)

  • The Grande Dame of Austin: A History of the Driskill Hotel, by Monte Akers (2017)


Waterloo Press is seeking underwriting for future books.  If you have an interest in assisting in the productions of a future book please contact AHCA Executive Director Jeff Cohen at 512-270-0132 or

Want to Become an author for waterloo press?

If you would be interested in conferring with AHCA or the Waterloo Press Committee on consideration of having your book published, please contact AHCA Executive Director Jeff Cohen at 512-270-0132 or

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