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AHCA in Action During COVID-19

In 1980 AHCA “founded” the Austin History Center and helped raise $1.8M (equal to$6.0M today) to save and refurbish the 1933 first permanent Central Library of Austin.In 2020, and especially in this time of national health emergency, AHCA is working hard to...

  • Ensure this historic, but tragic time for all, is documented for future generations–as the 1918 flu epidemic was–to help us understand and have hope.

  • Advocate for the prompt completion by 2022 of vital safety and code upgrades of the Faulk and History Center buildings by theCity so they can be re-purposed as a significant research and archival complex for the public ($19M secured for this work)

  • Be the leading organization in the annual capture of important oral histories of citizens of this era to be preserved in perpetuity

  • Support the acquisition of important official and family collections including millions of powerful images dating to the beginning of photography in the 19th Century

  • Maintain a publishing arm through ownership of Waterloo Press which has documented topics from Austin’s early medical history to the beginning of live theatre and much more

  • Bring to life less-remembered Austinites like Jacob Fontaine, Emmett White, Jane McCallum and many more who did impactful things dating to the founding of our improbable city

It takes $240,000 to operate AHCA each year. Your personal membership counts now more than ever!

Please join the AHCA today!

“The Austin History Center is one of the premier local archives in the country.”

-Library Journal

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